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Build your dream system!

Customize your CarveWright System with everything you need or select one of our pre-configured packages below.

This machine package includes the 1/16in Carving Bit, Memory Card & Programmer, CarveWright Project Designer Software with over 50 patterns, CarveTight Spindle System, Heavy Duty Traction Belts, and Instructional DVD. Choose one of our suggested configurations below, or create your own!

Suggested Configurations


Select the warranty you would like to add to your CarveWright System. Every CarveWright Machine comes with the Minimum Warranty. Additional warranty protection for your CarveWright machine may be purchased. Please read fully the specific rights and privileges afforded to you by these warranties.


Choose the software you would like to add to your CarveWright System. Each of our software add-on apps add special abilities to your software. (Select all that apply.)

Add-On Apps (Modular Feature Sets)


Select the accessories you would like to add to your CarveWright System. These accessories increase the possibilities of what you can do with your system.  Use the probe to scan objects into patterns or use the sanding mop to assist in the finishing work of your project. (Select all that apply.)

Sanding Mops


Select additional bits for your CarveWright System. These bits greatly expand your machine's capabilities. Buy the Full Bit Set for decorative routing and the carbide bits for more cutting and carving options. (Select quantity of all that apply.)

Individual Cutting and Carving Carbide Bits

Bits Below Require Designer 2 or higher

Patterns and Projects

Choose a pattern collection to get started with and sign up for the Project of the Month newsletter. These are just a sampling of what you can find in the PatternDepot. Check out the Pattern Depot in the CarveWright store.



(requires 1/8" cutting bit)