90 Degree V Bit

90 Degree V Bit

90 Degree V Bit - see Detailed Description below.

Our price: $35.99


Two cutter 1/4inch shaft carbide 90 V bit with Sharp point. V bits are used for decorative line carving, carving profiles, centerline text and chip style carving.


Select one of the following adapter styles to fit your system:

  • No Adapter (for CarveTight) - item # is just BVG90
  • Quick Change Adapter - item # BVG90A  + $10.00


Then, select ADD TO CART  (Item will default back to No Adapter on screen, but the correct item selected should be in your cart.)

Check & verify your item number once you go to CHECKOUT, clicking on the items in ORDER SUMMARY.

For the CARVETIGHT SPINDLE, this item will also require its own 1/4" Rubber Stop Collars & can share a 1/4" Split Collet with other 1/4" steel shaft bits. Each sold separately.



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