Project Designer PRO 3 Full License

Project Designer PRO 3 Full License

This license is for customers who are upgrading from Project Desginer BASIC or earlier.  Customers upgrading from Project Designer PRO 2 should be purchasing the upgrade license

Project Designer PRO 3
The following features are new and exclusive to Designer PRO 3:
    •    Vector groups which allow you to create vector-carved surfaces similar to Centerline
    •    User-definable material texture generation, including a sample texture library
    •    Pattern Along Path which allows you to automatically place up to 2 independent patterns on a vector path in a step-and-repeat fashion, adjusting their rotation based on the curve.
    •    All software updates moving forward will only be for Designer PRO 3
    •    Designer PRO 3 adds all basic features of Designer PRO 2
    •    All Add-on App licenses transfer and work with Designer PRO 3

Purchase includes activation code (serial number) for license that allow two computer installs for CarveWright Designer PRO 3

IF YOU DO NOT HAVE INTERNET ACCESS & NEED AN INSTALL DISC, you must call LHR to place that order.

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