CarveTight Upgrade Package

CarveTight Upgrade Package

CarveTight Upgrade Special Priced Package - $499.99*

Upgrade your existing machine with the CarveTight Spindle & Heavy Duty Traction Belts. We will install them for you, as well as perform a multi-point inspection and re-calibration of your machine. Plus, we'll throw in a 1/16" Carving Bit with Hard Pressed Adaptor (BCR062P) for FREE.



See detailed description below.

*Additional purchase may be required.

Our price: $499.99

Documentation Machine Packing Instructions (Link)
  • CarveTight Spindle (Does not include the Cam Roller Wrench)
  • Heavy Duty Traction Belts
  • 1/16" Carving Bit with Hard Pressed Adapter
  • Factory calibration
  • Multi - Point inspection
  • Shipping & Insura

CarveTight Upgrade Package

Have us upgrade your machine with:

  • CarveTight Spindle (Does not include the Cam Roller Wrench)
  • Heavy Duty Traction Belts
  • Factory calibration
  • Multi - Point inspection (With the inspection we'll find everything that should be fixed or replaced with your machine.  We'll let you know what needs to be done and let you decide if you want it back as is or have us do the repairs.) ADDITIONAL REPAIRS AND PARTS ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE UPGRADE PRICE*
  • Shipping & Insurance Included (UPS Ground Shipping)
  • FREE 1/16" Carving Bit with Hard Pressed Adapter


The  MACHINE Packing Instructions can be found using the instructions below or as a link on the invoice.  The shipping address for the order will be used as the pick up address.  Special instructions can be placed in the customer comments section of the order.  The machine will need to be shipped in the original box and foam.  The box and foam can be purchased if not available.  Shipping Insurance included. We will contact UPS and arrange pickup. It is suggested that someone be at the address or you add into the notes what pickup address and delivery address you need. UPS has three days from the date we notify them to pick up your machine. UPS will NOT contact you prior to pickup with a date. Pickup times are generally Mon-Fri. Any customer requesting changes or cancellation to pickup address after we notify UPS may be subject to a $25.00 fee.

The CarveTight Service Upgrade Package is ONLY available in the continental United States.



All "A" Series Machines will most likely require additional upgrades. B machines may also have additional upgrades available.  After receiving and inspecting the machine, we will notify you of additional repairs and the costs associated with it for your approval.

NOTE:  Please be advised that accessories associated with the Quick Changer will need to be reconfigured to work with the new CarveTight Spindle System.

Additional purchases may be required when upgrading:
  • Carbide bits, such as the 1/8" Cutting Bit, will need to be replaced with ones that have the HARD PRESSED adapter. QC bits cannot be successfully retro-fitted. THIS PACKAGE INCLUDES 1 NEW 1/16" CARVING BIT WITH CARVETIGHT HARD PRESSED ADAPTOR.
  • If you own the Full Bit Set, you need to also purchase the 1/4" Split Collet (P005-00053), the 1/4" Rubber Stop Collars (A005-00054) and 1/2" Rubber Stop Collars (A005-00055).
  • If you own the Scanning Probe, you need to also purchase the Scanning Probe adapter (P005-00052).
  • CarveTight users may also want to purchese these bits that can be used in their new spindle - 1/8" carving (soft materials only), 3/16" carving & 3/16" cutting bits, which come only with the hardpressed adapters
  • Updating your Project Designer software to a free newer version may be necessary